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Keg split

So one of my kegs developed a small split in the side wall near the top. It is
about 1/8 of an inch, tiny seam. But big enough to drain my CO2 tank before I noticed.
Can this be fixed or welded? Is there something I can do myself or is it just time
to replace this keg?


You can try to solder it with some StayBrite products. I would provide some links, but I’m short on time.

IIRC it’s discussed in the 5l mini keg thread.

Corny keg, I’m guessin’…

Up near the top, near the handle, (rubber ring thingy), you’ll PROBABLY play hell up there with a torch, but just a guess.
Find a Welder with a Tig welder, and some stainless experience, and that has a thirst for homebrew…

The Tig torch will be much more controllable as to heat application, and the weld can be done in “spots” , with cool down time betwixt the welds, so as not to melt the handle.

It will take a lot of backup gas, but it NEEDS to be backed up to give you a satisfactory weld for a food container.


How did you fix it?

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