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Keg seals question

Hi there,

I’m kegging for the first time with 2 batches I have ready. These are used kegs and they hold pressure and seal fine.

I kegged up the first batch a few nights ago and noticed that when I took everything apart to sanitize that on both kegs, the beer side diptube “o-rings” were stuck to the keg.

So much so that I could not get it off. Rather than destroy it, I left it alone and sprayed it down with sanitizer in place.

Question is, is this a true o-ring? Cause what was on mine is a flattened washer looking seal.

Do you think it just a flattened, hardened o-ring?

Anything special about these or can I replace with anything comprable in size? I have an o-ring variety set I bought long ago for various purposes and I believe it has the correct sizes I may need.

You should be replacing all the o-rings on each used keg (5 rings total). Besides being old, they hold the smell of whatever was previously in the kegs. Our host has a kit


If the rings you have are new and fit good, then give it a try. Put a thin film of keg lube on all o-rings before installing. This really helps them seal, IMO.

Here is another link to the O-rings most hardware stores carry these except the big one.

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