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Keg pressure

I only started kegging and I’m on keg 3 and 4. Everything was fine on 1 and 2. A few beers in and the regulator dropped to 10 psi and won’t go up. I had it on 12-14 . I shake the tank and there is still liquid in it. What gives? It’s a 5 lb.

Problem solved. Disregard . You people know what I did. :oops:

First keg scheduled for this weekend, what did you do?

Does anyone have experience building a deluxe jockey box? I’m thought about a kegerator or keezer, but I don’t have the room inside the house, and it’s too warm here in Florida to keep it outside anyway. I’d like to have something I can set up on the lanai to serve beer, but a little more fancy than just a drilled through cooler. I was thinking a two tap with the flexibility to put two kegs and the co2 tank underneath, and the cooler (Styrofoam) and cold plate sitting on top. I know a lot of people have gone all out on keezers but was wondering if anyone had experience doing this with a jockey box. Thanks!

You could build a simple wooden box around the jockey box to “fancy” it up.

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