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Keg post bubbles

Ordered 4 used kegs from beverage elements a few months back. Just getting around to testing them to see if they hold pressure after cleaning/sanitizing and changing o-rings. Sprayed Star-san over the lid and posts to test for leaks. I noticed these bubbles forming on top of the out post. Does this mean there is a leak? If yes, does that mean I need to replace the poppet, post?

Thanks for helping.

Yeah, that’s a leak. Sometimes you can tap it to seat it. If you can take the poppet out, check the seat inside the post.
The universal poppets that NB sells have a heavier spring and work great.

Apply a little keg lube (available in the plumbing section of the hardware store
) to the gasket on the poppet.

Did you apply a higher presser to the keg, 30-40psi, to try to seal things up?

If that doesn’t work, new poppets like mrv mentioned.

sealed right up with a little lube and test at 30 psi. Thx.

Good deal. One of my kegs won’t seal unless I hit it w/30+ psi. Now it’s standard practice to charge them all at 30 psi.

It sucks to tap a full keg and find your bottle’s empty. A bit of lube on any rubber will help seal and prolong their life. :cheers:

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