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Keg on the go

Hi, I’m looking to pick up a 2.5 gallon keg with the co2 cartridge charger/picnic tap for a keg system to take to BBQ’s, camping ect. I have several questions. My idea was to fill the little keg off of one of my carbonate 5 gallons cornys through a jumper line. I have heard that filling once carbonated is harder because of agitation releasing co2. I can’t imagine its that big of a deal is it? couldn’t you just start filling and depress the in poppet as you go and then maybe put it back on gas for a day or two? Just looking for in site there. Also I wanted to get one of the keg love ice/neoprene blankets and was curious if anyone has used one of those. Thanks.

It’s no problem to jumper to another keg. Just reduce the dispensing pressure if you get a lot of foam. I find that I can jumper right at serving pressure without any issues, and the keg has about an inch of foam. This won’t release enough carbonation for you to notice a difference.

You’ll need to either leave the pressure relief valve on the destination keg open or periodically vent it so that the flow will continue.

See your same question on the General discussion board. :shock:

Ok thank you I will try it that way when I get everything. Yes? I re posted this because I wanted more feed back. I got six replies now instead of three. Are you not supposed to do that?

Most users are probably using the “show new posts” feature, so they were going to see the question regardless of where you put it. At best, you probably just split your replies between two different threads, rather than getting more of them. Some sticklers for netiquette have a policy of not responding to cross-posts, though. So depending on the culture of the forum you might end up with fewer responses.

Got ya I will keep that in mind then I didn’t know about the show new post feature and was looking to get the convo started before I went to work. Thanks for the reply’s though.

Some people don’t care about beer exchanges or commercial beer reviews. “show new posts” would be cluttering. Easier to just open the subcategories one would be interested in.

If you are looking for more responses, you could post the same question on each of the other dozen brewing message boards. But then some people also read those boards and would wonder why you are going to such effort.

It’s better to post in the appropriate categories so that someone coming along later with the same question has a better chance of finding your inquiry.


I’ve found that filling up plastic soda bottles is easier and more convenient than hauling around small keg. Five 2 liter bottles will hold 2.5 gallons.

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