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Keg Leak?

Hello NB gang,

I made the jump to kegging and decided to get my latest batch moved and begin carbonating. I followed all steps as indicated, also did a lot of research on other techniques, etc. before I began. I have everything hooked up and noticed that there is beer leaking from the gas post on the key. I inspected the post itself and the washer was torn, so seemed pretty obvious where the issue was. Also noticed that the top of the post itself has a bend, so I went and purchased both items new from the local NB shop.

Replaced the parts and went back to check several hours later…same issue with beer leaking from the gas post/stem. I did tighten the valve down as tight as I could, which did go about another 1/4 turn. I am heading home to check to see if the issue still persists, but does anyone have any ideas here? Not sure if there is an issue with the keg or what not. I did purchase it new, so hope that is not the case.

If it would help, I can post a picture or a short video of where it is leaking from. Just wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this and any insight.


Check out the diagram at the bottom of this page.

The GAS SIDE post should have a small dip tube going into the keg. Make sure you aren’t trying to pump gas through the BEER SIDE post. The BEER SIDE post should have a much longer tube that goes all the way to the bottom of the keg. There should be an o-ring between the post and dip tube. Adding a little keg lube will help with a good seal. Then make sure you have the poppet (the little spring loaded thingy inside the post) seated properly inside the post. And make sure the post is tightened down all the way. There really isn’t any more to it than that.

Hi Dobe,

Thanks for the quick reply. I do have the gas connected in the correct location to the shorter post and “notched” valve. I don’t have any lube, but suppose I could give that a try just to be 100% certain. I verified that both posts, tubes, o-rings, etc. are in good shape.

I only have the C02 set to 20psi, so know that I am not over-pressurizing things (believe they can handle a lot more regardless).

When tightening the posts themselves, could I have caused an issue by turning them all the way till they could not turn any further? That was my initial response when I noticed beer and bubbles coming from the valve.

To be clear, beer and bubbles were coming from the bottom of the post on the gas side. Wish I was home to check and get a picture.


Nah… I tighten mine as much as I can by hand using a wrench. Sounds like you may have an issue with the keg. You said you already replaced the post right? You may need to get someone to check out the keg or possibly return it for a new one.

Good to know about tightening the posts. When I saw the leak after replacing the post (already replaced the gas side post and both o-rings), I realized I did not have the gas post tightened all the way. That was at 3AM this morning…have not been home since to see if this was indeed the issue.

Certainly hope there is not an issue with the keg since it’s already filled. Just trying to examine all options before I resort to this or call the store.

Well, turns out it was indeed something I was doing wrong (go figure, lol). I had the pop-it valves upside so there was some “wiggle” room causing the leak in the post. I also noticed that having these installed incorrectly caused the springs to compress too much and they were wrapping around the gas and liquid tube, cutting into the o-rings.

Once I flipped the pop-its around and replaced the o-rings, I filled the tank with 20psi and then did some leak tests, which were just fine.

You learn something new everyday and what NOT to do :slight_smile:


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