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Keg Hopping, late in the game

Hey everyone, question for you.

Brewed/kegged a malty red a while ago. Came out more of an amber color, and is pretty good, but I wished I had dry hopped it. I didn’t, because I wanted to get it kegged and carbed to bring some samples in time for a club meeting/tasting. Now I’m probably about halfway through it, and I think I want to toss an ounce of cascade in and drink it up with some buddies while watching football this Sunday. My question, is there any harm to purging the excess pressure, taking the lid off, throwing a sanitized muslin bag of hops in there, and re sealing it? I can’t really imagine there is, but I’ve never unsealed a keg once the beer’s in there.

Thanks for any input.

No, I do that all the time. I do generally have a spray bottle of sanitizer that I spray around the lid before and after taking it off.

Thanks for the info.

Just pulled a sample, good for a hop fix, and it tastes great. A full ounce was probably too much for what I had left (don’t think this’ll ever get anything resembling clear again, as it’s now completely opaque with cloudiness, but that’s just a “lesson learned” type thing. Figure next time I brew this recipe I’ll just do a traditional dry hop with cascade, and I may have finally nailed down my house amber ale. For now, I’ll be serving “Hop Cloud Pale” on Sunday. Anyone who can’t take some murkiness is on their own, or they can stick with keg #2 (NB’s Chocolate Mild Stout, truly delicious since the change from chocolate extract to cacao nibs).


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