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Keg Heights

I know this probably has been asked before, but what is are the heights of ball lock and pin lock kegs with their connections. My brew fridge is about 27.5 for a internal height and trying to figure out which i should buy. I kinda like the ball lock kegs because of the pressure release, but height is going to be the decider most likely. ... id-11.html

coke kegs are shorter and wider than pepsi kegs.

I have a ball lock keg, and I had the same question. With the normal valves on top I wouldn’t squeeze it in anything less than 27 inches, but you could probably make it fit in 26.5 inches. Its comfortable in 27 inches, you just have to make sure your hoses are long enough to be able to pull the keg out to disconnect.

Thank you, I’m gonna measure twice and order once. It would suck to be wishing for another half inch.

If you’re just starting your keg collection now, pin locks are probably a better option. There is currently a larger supply of used pin locks on the market than ball locks, so you should be able to get pin locks $10-15 cheaper per keg at the retail level. However, pin locks are a little bit bigger in diameter, so in some situations you may be able to fit one less keg than if they were ball locks (like a chest freezer).

I’ve found that the pressure relief valve is not a good thing: it’s another leak point and another part to replace. Just about any used ball lock is going to have a PRV with a non-replaceable o-ring, so you have to buy a whole new valve and they go for about $5-10 when they go bad. I’ve had 3 go bad out of 15 kegs, so YMMV.

You can vent pressure by just putting a QD on the gas post that is open to atmosphere, even put a needle valve on a female flare adapter past the post if you want it to come out more gently.

I have heard the same thing about the pressure relief valve, but with no experience in it I don’t know how common the issue is. I heard pin kegs were a lot less common.

Can you put a new lid on a pin lock keg that has the pressure relief valve in it? I know I have replaced at least one lid that I had on an old ball lock keg. Are the lids the same size?

Lids are interchangeable.

Are the connections? I thought i saw that somewhere.

[quote=“mppatriots”]Are the connections? I thought I saw that somewhere.[/quote]Not sure what you mean by “connections”, but there are at least 3 different thread sizes for the keg posts: Ball-lock QDs are all the same size. Pin-locks are different.

5 gallon ball-lock kegs are 8.5" wide and 25" high. Pin-locks are 9" wide and 22 or 23" tall.


I can fit 6 ball locks in my 7.2 cf keezer, but only 4 pin locks. Therefore, I use ball locks. By using 2x8 for my collar, I was able to just fit in the last two kegs on top of the condenser hump, first laying down a piece of plywood to spread out the weight from full kegs.

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