Keg Fittings

I am having some trouble with a keg leaking CO2 from the gas fitting on the keg. I have several used kegs, all of which have different fittings on them. NB designates them as either type A, B, or C. Which one is the best? Does it matter??? My current problem is with a Type “B”. The other kegs came with type A’s and I haven’t had a problem with them yet. I was going to order replacement poppets but if one type is better than another i’ll make the switch.


The different posts have different thread sizes. So you can not interchange them.

Disassemble the post. Check for bad seals. Replace the poppet if necessary. Try a little lube on the poppet seal. If you don’t have some lube, you can buy a small tub of plumbers grease/faucet lube. for less than $5 at any hardware store. Look for it in the plumbing section.

I’d get the universal poppits. They are much easier to deal with, only problem i ever have with them is on some kegs they are a bit tall. When i encounter this i just trim off a layer of the spring.

Good info. I thought everything was universal.



+1 Get a few, they’re cheap and work great.