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Keg dip tube stuck

Need some advice. I dry hopped this keg and I ran out of hop bags to use (last one was too far gone to use) so I threw the hops right into the keg. I’ve never done that before that I can recall. Tapped last night and it won’t flow. Took it apart and the dip tube is clogged. I used a dip tube brush and cleaned it out but there are obviously a pile of hops down at the bottom of the keg so it still won’t flow. Only 1 ounce was used to dry hop.

I guess my options are rack to another keg or possible cut the dip tube a little short? Anyone cut those before? Was thinking I could mark this keg since I have 7 and just use this one for dry hopping then moving forward. I want to tap this tonight, it’s an all Chinook IPA I made and smells terrific from the dry hops. The hops have been in there 2 weeks while the brew has been carbonating. Thanks.

I know that some of the guys cut a half inch off in all of there kegs.

I don’t mind cutting them as long as 1/2" is enough. I couldn’t quite figure out how much would be enough there. I’d guess i would need to sand the end down to get rid of any metal fragments too?

A pipe cutter should produce a clean cut that doesn’t need any sanding.

Even cutting the dip tube, you risk hops getting into the poppet and clogging things up.

It will be a pain with the beer in the keg, you could try putting a piece of pantyhose on the end of the dip tube (with a hose clamp) to keep the out. But they may still block the flow.

$1 pantyhose are available at Walgreens and probably most big box stores. I’ve used them in kegs and the boil kettle.

Get a hop bag to put over the diptube. Or, there is a commercialy available SS screen to put over it. Or siphon into another keg.

Can you see how the hops have settled? Maybe cutting the diptube above that level might work.

I recently kegged the NB Black IPA kit and had the same problem. It was recommended on the forum to me to put the C02 line on the beer out for a bit. It cleared the clog and must have pushed the hops at the bottom away from the tube. Beer has been flowing perfectly since then.

If you’re willing to cut the diptube a bit shorter, you can clamp a short piece of stainless braid to the end and it’ll filter out the hops - I have one diptube set up this way to dryhop (loose) in the keg.

I am going to try this tonight or tomorrow night and see if I can’t get this thing unclogged. Thanks!

FWIW I cut maybe 3/4 or 7/8 inch off all my diptubes just to avoid picking up excessive settled gunk. I think it’s improved the flavor and clarity of the early pints from every keg and the losses are minimal.

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