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Keg Conditioning Time

I wanted to add a little more orange flavor/aroma to my wit, so I made a simple syrup infused with orange peel and added this to the keg when I racked yesterday. I’m leaving it at room temp for the yeast to feast on the simple sugar.

Should I expect a keg to condition any faster or slower than bottles?

Edit: added a missing word

Maybe a little faster, but I have only done it a few times. Not using a syrup, but standard priming sugar. Pretty well carbed after a week but your conditions might vary from mine.

Sorry, I may have been a little careless with my terminology, since a simple syrup is usually one part sugar to one part water. In this case the “simple syrup” was just a priming solution boiled with fresh orange zest, so I assume it will behave like any priming solution.

Depending on the time it takes to rotate into your keezer, you may want to release the pressure before pouring and definitely before hooking up the CO2.

I did a keg a little over a month ago and pitched dry sugar right into my corny. I purged the O2 and let her sit at room temp in the house for about 3 weeks. She was VERY carbonated and over the next week or 2 I sampled it w/o even hooking up CO2. Also, it’s still clearing because I suspect I got more fermentation via the sugar.

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