Ok…so I am having an issue for the first time ever. I have an amber ale that called for a significant dry hop. When I transferred to the keg, I did my best to leave as much of the hops behind. Well, I must have failed.

A week later, after having been on gas, I thought I’d try it to see how it was coming along. Nothing but foam came out of my tap. The entire line from the keg was nothing but foam. Turns out the beverage dip tube is either clogging at the bottom and/or the inside of the poppet at the top is clogging with hops residue.

Any suggestions?

Put your hops in bags

It’s a little late for that now.

Do you have another keg you can transfer to?

If not you could spray Star San on the top of the keg, depressurize and pull out your poppets and dip tubes.
Clean, resanitize then reassemble.

I own two kegs, and the other is in use as well. I have been taking the poppet off and cleaning it and the dip tube out, but there must have been more hops escape the secondary than I thought. I am usually very good about that.

Are they whole hops? I keg hop and have had pellet hops make it through the bag. They end up in my glass.

You could tie a small muslin bag over the end of the dip tube. Another idea is to use a stainless
scrubbing pad. Just make sure they’re 100% SS.
I realize that won’t help you tonight. A bag should work though.

Like mrv said, use a bag or SS scrubbing pad. Pull the dip tube and unclog it. Wash your hands and sanitize them in sanitizer. Put the dip tube back in and apply the “fix”. It might be the only thing to help save this keg until all the hops/trub is poured out.

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OR, you could try racking. Let it set quietly fer a day, then get a large tubing section sanitized and put it down to the bottom and rack out a couple of pints… You should be able to get the majority, if not all of it out! I had the same thing happen to me…. and don’t fergit to drink yer pints! Sneezles61

Try hooking your CO2 up to your liquid QD then giving it a blast down the dip tube. Pull the relief valve on a ball lock or press the gas in poppit on a pin lock. That may clear it out for the rest of the keg or temporarily. Worth a try.


Yesterday I pulled the dip tube out and cleaned it and the poppet out. I then took a sanitized hose and dropped it down into the keg to try and “draw” out some sludge. I put everything back together, purged the tank with CO2 again, and it seemed to do the trick. Oddly enough, the 4 pint I drank seemed to be very clear once the little bit of sediment cleared out. I did notice one or two specs of hop material in the beer, but that will clear out too.

Thanks for all the replies, but I think I am in the clear and saved this batch!

Having this same issue for the first time ever. I was lazy and didn’t throw my dry hops into a $0.89 bag. Racked to a new keg, that keg has clogged 3 separate times, after I clear the dip tube. Thinking of racking to a new keg (again), but the beer is carbed. Hopefully I won’t have too much foam.

The 3" tea ball works just fine fer me, and made of stainless steel. Sinks to the bottom, won’t get sucked into the dip tube… Some one else posted that….Sneezles61

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My issue didn’t result from dry hopping in the keg. Some of the hops accidentally transferred to the keg from my secondary. I used my Speidel that has the spigot and I guess too much sediment transfered without me knowing it

sorry, just as the conversation evolved I weighed in…. maybe try tilt yer bucket so the high side is at the spigot and let is sit for a while before racking… I believe our host sells wedges fer that purpose… Sneezles61

I have a couple of them. Think they were calling them spice balls. The work great for dry hopping with pellet hops. The pin that hold the clasp on rotted off both of them so I use a piece of SS wire to hold them closed.

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good to know… Sneezles61