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Keg carbonation

Any one who uses suggar. For carbonating a beer keg. ? Me using. Co2. But been reading a dutch. Magazine about. Priming suggar use

I used priming sugar to prime my current keg. I let it sit for 2 weeks and hooked it up to the keg system and poured perfectly carbonated beer. That was with BRY 97 yeast and my basement was at 60°. Most kits come with priming sugar so that’s why I used it. When I make original recipes, I don’t buy priming sugar and just force carbonate.

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I believe the same rules apply as in bottle conditioning… it takes 2-3 weeks and keep it at room temp.

Gonna try next keg

Only use half the sugar you would use for bottling the same volume or you will way over carb. @wilcolandzaat another thing you can do which I have tried that @sneezles61 does is rack before fermentation is complete and let it carbonate that way

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