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Keg carbonation woes

I was gone for a couple weeks and left my kegs to carbonate at 15psi. The beers were a bit over carbed and had some carbonation bite. I’ve bled the kegs and seem to have them where I want them. I’m pushing around 8psi. Is that where you all serve? Anyone else get that bite?

I would like that bite…especially on lagers.

I bang out the kegs pretty fast, so I set at 10 PSI, and good… If I could get a keg to last a couple of weeks… No, really I know you were out of town so, I don’t know that you get a bite like that from the CO2… Use citric acid in your mix? Sneezles61

I’m relatively new to kegging, but have stuck to 8-9. I have a couple carbing up, though, where I’m tempted to bump them up a smidge.

^^^^^ do bump them, a bit. I enjoy the frothy head, but a glass of foam sure gives me anxiety, waiting for it to settle down… Sneezles61

Maybe it’s the style it’s a helles.Maybe bite is the wrong word. Its kind of a bitter feel on the tongue. It’s not there after I let the beer gas off. Strange

Serving pressure depends on the system for me. The jockey box I have been using needs about 18lbs for a good pour. Much less and it’s pretty flat. My kegorator likes 12 or less depending on the beer

With the JB the high pressure if the CO2 is left on does not over carb the beer. Go figure. I have to assume the plate chiller makes the lines much longer than they appear.

Gotcha on the bite. Beers that have been way over carbed then “fixed” get a soda type fizz that never goes away. Even when the carbonation is back to a normal level it seems to stick around. I do not dump them out of course.

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I push around 8-9 psi, but carb between 10-14psi depending on the beer. One of these days I’ll get a double body regulator…

That’s what I do usually just forgot to turn it down before going away. It’s equalized now and that bite is gone. co2 apparently does funny things to your tongue who knew.

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The bite is likely carbonic acid. This occurs when your CO2 hydrates. The higher the volumes of CO2 the more carbonic acid is created.

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