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Keg and Bubbling Sound?

I was wondering if anyone has every had one of their kegs make a bubbling sound when they are pouring a beer. Not only is my keg making this sound, but the beer is also coming out foamy. I’m not sure what could be causing this so i’m hoping someone else has dealt with this before. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. FYI, the keg is not over filled and the sound is not coming from a bubbling “in” diptube.

Kind of a long shot but is it possible the QDs are swapped? This can’t happen with pin locks of course.

I moved this to the draft section BTW.

I wish this was the problem but not the case (double checked it). I kinda puzzled on this one. Also, i know that the gas dip tube is not submerged, I previously thought that this had to be the cause.

Pin lock disconnects can’t be connected to the wrong post, but the posts can be installed backwards. I have put the gas post on the liquid dip tube and the liquid post on the gas tube: bubbling, lots of foam, head slap!

I finally figured out what was wrong. I use universal poppets. Sometimes i have had a problem where they were insanely tight and i fixed the issue by trimming the bottom section off. This time the bottom of the spring apparently wedged itself in between the keg and the dip tube with resulted in a gas beer mixture. Upon changing the spring, the beer poured perfectly.

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