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Keezer Troubleshooting

Hi all,

I recently built a keezer and everything was working fine until I washed it out with the hose. I’m afraid I may have damaged something with the water or when I tipped it on its side. Any ideas on if I am in trouble or what I may need to replace/repair? It turns on and runs but does not do any cooling.

Any help is appreciated. It is a brand new freezer.

sounds like when you turned it on its side the coolant in the compressor got air bubbles, or gaps in it. I would leave it up right unplugged for at least a day and try again.

This didn’t seem to do the trick. I waited a week plus and still didn’t work. I’m not getting any cooling whatsoever.

Oh oh, If its anything like a fridge, you never tip them down. Refrigerant will flow and may or may not return to the compressor. Running it for any length of time without refrigerant will kill it.

Hope yours is not the case.

Tip it the opposite direction from which you dumped it, and let it sit that way for a day, set it back level for a day, and try it again.

What have you got to lose? :cheers:

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