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Keezer run cycle

I just finished building my 4 tap keezer. It’s a 7.2 cu ft frigidaire with a 2x10 collar. The collar is insulated with foam and there is a computer fan that runs constantly to circulate air. Since I am new to the keezer world here is my question:

I have an stc 1000 temp controller with the probe protected a submersed in a bottle of water. Set temp is 3.8 C and the differential is 3 C. Currently the freezer runs for an hour until temp is reached, and then doesn’t kick on until 2 hrs later. Does this seem like a long run time? An hour seems excessive for the temp to be reached. Btw, it’s in my garage and the temp is 70 F.

Do you mean a .3 differential?

Running for 1 hours seem excessive.

No, the differential is 3 degrees celcius. For example, it is set at 3.8 degrees and kicks on at 6.8 degrees celcius.

3.8C = 38.84F, 6.8C = 44.24, .8C = 33.44F

So your freezer turns on at 44.24F and off at 33.44F. A 10dF swing. I can see where it might run for 1 hours under those settings.

Make it a .5 differential. Then your swing will be up to 4.3C/39.74F. Below 40dF to keep bacteria in check.

I’m a bit confused. Yes the freezer kicks on at 44.24 F and runs for an hour until it reaches a temp of 38.84. The current differential is 3C, because in my research I’ve read that constant cutting on and off of the compressor is bad and can prematuarlly wear it out. With the temp the same (38.84) you are saying that I should set my differential for .5 Celsius? It seems if I did this the freezer would cut on and off more frequently. Where is the happy, and freezer appropriate medium?

The differential is a +/- swing from your set point.

edit: maybe not on this unit. Checking some sites.

No you are correct with the differential. I just want what’s best for he freezer. The beer is cold and there isn’t much condensation.

After reading the instructions

again, and testing my controller, it is a single sided swing. You are correct.

I think there may be more damage to the compressor by running it for a long period of time. Verses more often at shorter periods. Allow the compressor to cool down should extend the life.

Being in the warm garage may be hindering it’s cooling. But then again, I have 2 upright freezers in my garage that don’t seem to run that long in the hot summers.

How full is the freezer?

Great question. It is currently filled with 4 cornies. I backed the diff off to 2.5 C. It’s insulted super well, so that should help. Just sold an upright freezer today that was my old kegerator. It was a frost free unit that ran well, but I could only put 3 beers on tap :slight_smile:

My upright freezers are being used as freezers.

How often is your chest freezer running each day?

My guess would be 5 or 6 times.

Mine kicks on and off several times a day, but only runs for minutes at a time.


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