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Keezer question

I am building a keezer with a tap tower. I would have mounted the faucets onto the collar, but got a great three-tier tap tower for Christmas! Has anyone done this? Also, I don’t have a long enough drill bit to go through the entire lid (for mounting the base). What size drill bit did you use? I don’t want to use too big a drill bit. Thanks for your replies!

I’d drill a small hole through both surfaces first, you can buy different length bits. Then use a hole saw bit on the top and bottom separately.

Thanks tom sawyer! I did get a longer drill bit, which worked. Now I’m having a hell of a time trying to drill through the top of the freezer lid with the 2 1/2 inch circular attachment. Maybe my drill isn’t strong enough?

Is it a metal cutting bit? Fine tooth like a hack-saw, or big teeth like a wood saw?

It was a Milwaukee brand drill bit. 2.5 inches around, and medium sized teeth. I actually went out and purchased a new drill. I needed one anyway, and it was much more powerful. Still took some work to cut through the metal, but it worked out. Thanks!

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