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Keezer or fridge

So, I want to start getting stuff together for a kegging system and my first purchase has to be a fridge or a freezer. I like the freezers with the modified collars, but not sure if there is an advantage to one or the other. Are there any pro’s or con’s one way or another? Anything else I should consider? Cheaper is always better, but I would rather pay more for something once than regret my purchase and have to do it twice.

I’ve got both. started with a fridge then got the freezer.

fridge pros: easier to move carboys/kegs in and out

freezer pros: more space for carboys/kegs; no “damage” to convert as collar is temporary.


Both work great except I have heard that people have some trouble with mold in a freezer. If you go with a fridge, try to get one with a freezer on the BOTTOM. This way, your kegs and taps are at the appropriate level.

Freezers are insulated better than fridges. Freezer = more kegs.

Sounds good. thanks for the input. I think I’m leaning towards a freezer now.

You might be able to get a decent craigslist fridge for free or nearly so (mine holds 4 kegs), but a chest freezer with collar and temp controller sure would be nice.

with a fridge, you get to keep the frosty mug option. and if you need to freeze other stuff (hops, green chiles), you’ve got some versatility built in. i like my fridge, prob get a freezer some day if i “need” more than 3 taps or have a nice shop/garage and more room.
either way, i would buy something used and then convert b/c it’s much cheaper.

I like using an old 18 cf fridge for my ferment chamber, since it’s easier to put in/take out buckets and carboys, and a keezer for holding cornies/serving draft beer.

I have the fridge. +1 MullerBrau on the bottom fridge, I have the top fridge and the taps are a bit low. I like keeping pint glasses in the freezer and using it to make and store ice so I can chill down bottles too when necessary. Hops and yeast kept in the fridge drawers which is nice also. They’re much cheaper to get used than the freezers I was looking at (fridge was $20) and you don’t have to buy a temp controller or rig a collar, just drill through the door. Cakewalk.

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