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Keezer & CO2

Hey All,
I’m getting parts together to build a keezer & finally start kegging. I have many questions, but thought i should start asking what tools and supplies will be needed. I bought a Taprite 2 product regulator, ball lock fittings with hoses, 2 Perlick faucets/shanks, and a spanner wrench. Besides the freezer, kegs & CO2 tank, what else would be a wise purchase? Also, is purging the kegs prior to filling a good idea? Is it better to use a separate tank for that or the same one connected to the kegs? I’m hoping to get it all going by spring. Thanks for any help or suggestions.

Extra O-ring kits for kegs are handy. A dip tube brush, faucet brush, keg lube, and check valves are essential, IMO.

I clean, sanitize, and purge an empty keg, then leave it under pressure until filling. I only have one 10# tank, but a spare is a good idea if you can afford it.

If available, paint ball tanks could be a cheaper alternative.

You can get a lifetime supply of o-rings with the info in the above link. Or buy them, except the lid, from the local hardware store.

Like MRV said, a spare full size tank or a paintball tank to get you though the weekend when your main take goes belly up.

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I’ve found the universal poppets are great for sealing a stubborn post. Cheap too.

Great Thread!!! I’m kegging as well and have built a keezer. I have a 7 cu ft freezer and plan to eventually have 3 corny kegs in it. For now I’m using just 2 with the picnic taps until I make up my mind how I want it. I’m still trying to decide if I want a triple tower mounted by drilling through the freezer lid or put a wooden collar on and drill three holes for faucets. I’m leaning towards the faucets. There’s a nice triple tower on the NB website but it actually cost more than my freezer did brand new. I think the faucets are more economical. Oh also I put some wheels on the freezer as well that way I can move it around the garage easily.

Today I swapped out all the O-rings in the corny keg and sanitized everything and let it dry and put a thin film of keglube on all the rubber parts. I filled keg 1/2 full and pressurized to 10Lbs with all hoses in place. I will then shut off the CO2 at the meter and recheck in a few hours. I actually did that same test overnight and it lost 5 lbs so that’s why I decided to replace all O-rings and lube it. I think this will be a great way to tell if there are any leaks.

I’m thinking about a 10.5 cu. ft. so i can eventually have 4 kegs in it. If i make it look nice, like furniture, the wife doesn’t mind if i put it in the kitchen or dining room. I’m looking for plans online. I’ll stick with faucets. This will be a fun build! Hey Nighthawk & MRV, thanks alot for the good info. That’s exactly the stuff i (we) need to know. Hawk is the link king! my favorites list is getting full of them! Thanks again guys. :cheers:

If anyone is interested my test above worked pretty well. After changing out all the O-rings and lubing I filled 1/2 full with starsan and pressurized to 10 lbs and shut off CO2 to the keg let sit for about 16 hours, rechecked this morning and it only lost about 1 lb of pressure.

Likely the pressure drop is from the CO2 going into solution. If you pressurized it with out liquid inside it would show no drop.

Nighthawk, thank for that explanation. Think I’m ready to put up my first keg…I’m getting excited :cheers:

Agreed. I pulled out a kicked keg a month ago. Depressurized yesterday to clean and it blew out like a freshly charged keg.

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