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Keezer build progress

Making good progress. Got lots of ideas from others here on the forums. Finally put together an album. I will update it as things move along. ... eat=email#

Some details of the build:

  1. The bottom is oak plywood and wood studs along with red oak panels miter cut. I placed 6 wheels with locks underneath. You can’t see them which gives it a floating look and alows it to slide around if necessary.

  2. The Lid is a Pine inner collar surrounded by the same Red Oak panels miter cut. The top is just Oak plywood inlaid on top of the pine.

  3. I plan to liquid nails some wainescot panels on the front 3 sides to cover the white.(or something similar I am still deciding).

Everythign is all sanded down and ready to be stained. I am still trying to pick out stain colors.

I’ve been building my for the past several weeks. I didn’t want the standard tan/dark oak look so i went with this:

collar is 2 x 6 construction grade
drip tray backing is 1x5 oak flooring.

light = 2 coats
dark = 4 coats.


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