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Keezer build, Bev lines cut to length. Good Idea?

Hey y’all.
Looking for a bit of input.
Building my first keezer here soon. Planning on using something in the 13-15CuFt range. Planning on mixing homebrew and local brews, 6 taps all day. Was wondering what diameter would be better if i were to use short liquid lines, nothing longer than two feet in length. Does size even matter?


Bad idea/ Your setting yourself up to fail…2ft in length will be a foamy mess unless you can source and use very/very small diameter stainless line which is going to be real spendy, especially when you get done with fittings, elbows etc…I have never even heard of somebody proposing a plan with this specific restriction in mind also it would be awful tiresome to have each line so short/restricted that you can hardly even attach a line because it is too short.

Most commercial beers will be carbed anywhere from 2.3-2.8 volumes of CO2. For myself anyways I need between 6-10 ft of 3/16th narrow diameter beverage hose reflective of those pressures listed. ... &view=grid

If you carb your homebrews to the same volumes typically 8ft would be a general length to use and is about how much I need in my system and I carb to 2.5-2.7 and also keep commercial sixtels on draft also through the same lines and see perfect pours each and every keg. Although each dispensing system is different and it all corresponds to balancing your own system.

When balancing the system typically the longer the line the slower/less foamy the pour. So lets say you don’t want to do the math, just start with 10ft on the first keg and then if the pour is too slow just hack off a half/foot until you hit the perfect length. Then use that same length for all the lines. Since your going to need around 50-60ft to accomplish the build, just find a vendor that sells 100ft wholesale rolls for a good price, otherwise your going to get robbed if buying the needed lengths at retail. Plus you’ll have extra for when the time arises to change a line completely.

Great advice above. To put it in perspective, I bought my tower and it came with 5’ lines. I had those for 5 years and was always trying to balance it out. One keg would be foamy and another not fomy enough, etc. I finally decided to convert it to 10’ lines (3/16") and couldn’t be happier. I get smooth pours whether pouring a low volume CO2 beer like stout/porter or a high CO2 beer like a wheat/belgians. I have the perlick creamer faucets if I want more head. But, you could also use the tilt of the glass to your advantage as well.

ahoy lads, got the unit today.
A) 2’ of lines isn’t going to work.
B) 10’ is way too much
C) 6’ seems reasonable, but still a bit much.
Here’s the deal: I want this to be neat and tidy, and 36 feet of bev line is not tidy.
so would a different size tube make a difference? What do i need to do to not have 12 yards of bev tube in my keezer?

I am going to stop responding to your posts from now on. What an utter time waster.
It seems that you have your own ideas/ whimsy, so just follow them instead of asking for advice from guys/ gals that have been doing this for more than a day. Well at any rate others may learn from you in one way or another.

Every time I see you receiving advice from any of us you go off and do your own thing anyway and then come back and want to now understand why/how bad stuff happens and/ or how to do it right again. What is even worse is you take secondary advice on how to now fix something and somehow mess that up also.
Here is a good link for you again:

Looks like you come from the school of hard knocks, so carry on with your agenda. Good luck.

BTW, I am probably mistaken here. In the name of whimsy use one foot on each. That will look the best overall. Neat and clean. Be certain to put a pitcher of daisies on top of the unit also, that is how the pros do it when they build keezers.

Have you ever seen the inside of a keezer/kegerator? They are never “tidy.” Whether you use 2’ or 10’ with all those lines and gas lines they will get tangled. Just the nature f the beast.

Do as you please and good luck.

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