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Keezer and Excessive Water

I have a keezer that I have been using and I have been having way too much water. I have one of the moisture control things that you plug in to dry out the beads. It works but it just cannot handle all the water. I have the probe sitting about half way up the overall depth of the keezer. Am I merely having this trouble because i don’t have the probe in water?

You are opening the door to much. ???

Nope, I don’t open the door unless a keg is either being put on tap or taken off.

Check the door seal. Shut the door on a $1 bill. If you can pull it out, the seal is not good.

hmm, i can pull the dollar bill out. I’ll see if i can make a couple adjustments on the door

You’ll get more moisture in the summer than the winter, especially if you’re unit has no auto-defrost (and most don’t, IIRC). I have one of the Eva-Dry (i.e., “the beads”) units, as well as TWO small buckets of CaCl2 (Damp-Rid, or similar) for additional moisture absorption. This summer is the first that I haven’t had standing water in mine. Hope this helps.

Lately i have been tossing an old towel in it for a few days and then i take it out to dry it, as soon as it is dry, back in it goes. Seems to be helping a lot.

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