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Keeping sanitation fluid around - Starsan

More and more I find myself in the need of a little Starsan to sanitize equipment in between brews. To sanitize a pipet to do a gravity read, to sanitize raking equipment, etc.

I’ve been thinking about making a decent amount and then storing it in 1 Gal water jars. Does anyone know how long it will stay “good” or keep it’s sanitizing power? Is making a batch and then storing it a good approach or should I figure out a way to make small amounts “fresh” every time? The way I’ve been making it at brew day is to add an amount to 2 gal in a brew bucket and that works great but I’d love to hear how you do it.


If you mix it up with RO water, it will last a long time. You can check the pH to determine if it’s still good. I think as long as it’s below 3, you’re fine. A lot of us keep a spray bottle of StarSan handy for the small tasks you’re describing. I typically mix up 5 gallons at a time, 2-3 times per year depending on how often I’m brewing.

I don’t usually save it very long, but I’ve heard of reusing for months. The pH needs to be 3-.

Edit: What he said ^^^. I think distilled water works as well.

Another thing you can do to “save” star san" is to mix less. Instead of mixing 1oz in 5 gals try mixing .5 oz in 2.5gals. Then try to put it in a container that will be air tight like a fermenting bucket. As long as it stays below 3ph it is fine.

I keep a five gallon Home Depot bucket with the screw on top for a month or two. Check the ph once in a while and you are fine.

I tend to keep it for a couple months tops to be safe. I just will run off two to three gallons from a five gallon mix and keep them for incidentals and spray bottle use. I’ll also use those for the random batch here and there. For the price overall I just find it easier to use fresh stuff for the bottling process. I will use the two to three gallons of saved from the previous batch for the initial bucket/carboy cleaning and whatever other items I need to clean. Just my process.

I keep star san in an extra growler, which I generally dump and refill with leftovers from every brew/transfer/bottle day.

I usually mix up a new 5gal batch on bottling day and fill up a spray bottle and store the rest in a carboy. I brew about once a month so I would say I mix up a new batch around that often. I bought some cheap pH strips to make sure it’s still below 3 but with these strips the color could be anywhere from 2-4 which kinda defeats the purpose. I figure a month or so is long enough to keep it around without having to worry.

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