Keeping Carbonation

New to kegging and haven’t come across this questions/answer anywhere. Once your beer is carbonated to the correct level, leaving it on the correct CO2 psi for a week or two, do you need to leave it on the CO2 to keep that carbonation? If it’s sealed in a keg can I store it in a fridge for an extended period of time or will it lose carbonation quickly? Do I need to leave it on the correct PSI to keep the volumes of CO2, then turn it up to pour, then back down? Thanks for the clarification. Just trying to figure out if I can keep a keg or two in storage without setting up another CO2 system. Currently working on a two keg kegerator and would love to be able to keep a beer on deck when things run out. Woop.

If I understand your situation correctly, what you are trying to do would work, if you are not serving beer out of the carbed kegs kept in storage. Kegs are sealed (albeit not perfectly) and the CO2 you put into them should stay in the keg (and much of it dissolved in the beer).

Think of the gas just like the liquid. You are infusing a set amount of gas into the keg. Much of it is dissolving into the beer (liquid). If the liquid in that keg decreases (from serving it), there will be extra headspace, and that set amount of gas (less what was in the beer you served) will now diffuse into the headspace, leaving less gas dissolved in the beer.


Great, that makes sense thank you. If I’m keeping a keg on gas will it over carb if I leave it too long at the psi? Should I close the valve to the keg once it carbs to the correct level? It will be nice to have a keg ready to go as backup if I run out, especially since I’m only doing 3 gal. Batches.

No, it should equalize assuming your lines are balanced.

google up “psi carbonation chart”.