Karma Citra IPA Extract

I recently brewed a batch of your Karma Citra Session IPA (from extract). I have now bottled it about 3 weeks ago and I have tried a bottle at 1 week intervals to see how the carbonation and taste is developing.

I was pleasantly surprised at the quality (this is my first brew batch)! While I thought the beer came out good, I did notice that there was an unexpected taste. The only way I can describe this is the taste of a saison or farmhouse ale type beer. In your opinion, is this the way it was supposed to turn out, or (knowing that there could be a whole multitude of things that went wrong) do you think I did something incorrectly?


My extract Kama Citra turn out crisp and refreshing. My all grain Kama Citra turned out even better. Which strain of yeast did you use? Did control your fermentation temperature? What was the fermentation temperature? Did you use proper sanitation procedures?

Hi - I used the Safale US-05 Dry Ale Yeast and the primary fermentation lasted about 5 days. I then racked to a glass carboy and let sit in my basement (66-68F) for 2 weeks. I then dry hopped for a week and then transferred to a bottling bucket and bottled from there. I believe I was ultra careful about keeping everything sanitized, but I guess that could have been a problem.

Does anyone know of a good craft brewed comparison I could put this up against to do a little analysis?


I’ve done that kit twice (it’s quickly becoming one of my favs). Both were the extract kit. I’ve not had a saison taste in either of mine. Could you be perceiving the “danker” flavors of the hops?

Possibly. I am going to get some friends’ opinions on this one. Thanks to all for the feedback.

This is sitting in my primary right now. Dry hops will go in next Sunday. I took a reading and a taste last night…tastes fabulous. It’s not done yet, but I didn’t taste anything off so far. I’ll update when it’s done though :cheers: