Kama citra

hello everyone,
I recently brewed a batch of Kama citra and transferred to secondary today 8 days after brewing. The fermentation had stopped and my sg was right on point. My question is that when I tasted the sample after checking the specific gravity it was pretty bitter, not what I was expecting. Is this normal for the extract brew? Thanks!

8 days seems quick… Not quick to hit f.g., but quick to settle and mellow. You probably had some suspended yeast and some compounds that haven’t agreed out yet.

Great thanks! Do you think letting it sit a little longer in secondary will help?

I’d give it another day or two and check gravity again. If it’s done, there’s not much reason to not package it. The carbonation will bring out some of the hop aromatics, so it’s not that unusual for it to taste mostly bitter at this point.

Lots of folks suggest leaving it on the yeast for 3 weeks or so, and while there’s nothing wrong with this, a hoppy beer will tend to fade quickly so I prefer to get it packaged and ready to drink as soon as possible. But only if fermentation is complete, as in a stable gravity over a few days.

Earlier this year I brewed both versions of this beer. Last Friday night I had two friends taste them both. The all grain version was brewed first and was rated to be smoother though had less aroma. With a month difference in brew dates I believe its just a matter of allowing the extract to age to get the smoother taste.

I brewed this kit (extract) in January. I left it for 4 weeks in primary, and dry hopped the last week (i added an extra 0.5oz of centennial that I had leftover from the boil). After 2 weeks of bottle conditioning it tasted great. As time went on I noticed it lost some of it’s aroma, and tasted a little more bitter. Perhaps your batch needs to age just a little more before everything balances out. :cheers:

Nice info thanks as I,m planning on brewing this as an all-grain later this year