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Kama Citra Extract Kit Yeast Question

Has anyone tried this with Wyeast 1056 verses the 1272 that is recommended? I want to brew this kit because I really like Abita Grapefruit Harvest IPA, and think the Kama Citra may be similar (especially if I add grapefruit zest during dry hopping.) The reason I ask about the yeast choice is because I’ve got three mason jars of 1056 that I harvested from a Cream Ale I recently brewed. If the difference is only subtle between 1056 and 1272, I’ll just make a starter with the 1056, but if the 1272 is really needed to bring out the citrus flavor and aroma from the hops used in the recipe I will go ahead and get a smack pack of 1272. I’m not so much concerned with flocculation and clarity; I care more about the flavor.

Thanks in advance!

I use WY1056 for an American Amber Ale with Cascade hops. Hop bitterness and aromas come through very well. WY1056 is a fairly neutral yeast. Same as SA-05. You should have no problems with it. Keep the fermentation temperature at or above 65°. Less than 65° WY1056 can produce some peach flavors.

i am really interested in how this kit turns out, i just bought the same kit and am waiting to brew it as all my buckets are full

Brew Day is Saturday, May 17. I’ll let you know for sure how it turns out…

Ken - how did you brew session go? I brewed this on May 18th… cant wait to try it.

If it tastes anything like it smelled during brew, its going to be awesome

So far, so good! I had three days of vigorous fermentation, pushing the ale yeast temperature limit of 76° F, after which it dropped down to around 70. I didn’t control temperature at all, hoping that the higher temp would give me some of the fruitiness that’s advertised for the 1272. I’ll leave it for another six days before I check the gravity, and if it’s finished I’ll rack to secondary and start my next brew (Surly Furious!) My plan is for three weeks in secondary, with dry hopping during the final week, then at least three weeks of bottle conditioning before I try it. So if everything goes according to plan it should be ready in time for the July 4th weekend!

Racked to secondary yesterday and it turned out great! So good, in fact, that I drank the entire gravity sample. The Wyeast 1056 fermented cleanly, even at the elevated temperature experienced the first three days (76° F), with no off flavors and no fruity esters detectable. I got the grapefruit flavor I was going for, and dry hopping with Cascade and Citra hops, plus grapefruit zest, should push the grapefruit flavor to 11…


I am about a week behind you on brewing process of Karma, but my oh my, when I racked to secondary, this thing smells unbelievably good. Didn’t sample yet; I am trying to hold out until its bottle conditioned. I used the dry yeast, so it will be interesting to see if different from your final product. I also didnt and anything additionally to this one as well.

My temps in basement are really good without having to do anything to ferment temps. staying consistently between 62-66 degrees. So pumped about that.

Because of upcoming travel, and because it tastes so good now, I’ve bumped up my schedule by one week, so I will add the dry hops this weekend and bottle next weekend. I too am looking forward to this one being ready…

Today was bottling day, and after 5 days of dry hopping, with the addition of grated ruby red grapefruit peel that had been steeped in vodka for two days prior to dry hopping, this brew turned out exactly as I had hoped it would. Now the two weeks that will seem like an eternity waiting for carbonation…

I bottled last night. At times, I just wanted to put the bottle siphon directly into the back of my throat. This beer is going to be awesome

I agree… tough to wait the two weeks

Only ten and a half days to go, but who’s counting?

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