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Kama Citra All Grain ... 2 weeks in the primary

I have the all grain kama citra in the primary now, its been there about 15 days now. My OG was 1.044.

I just measure it a few minutes ago and it is 1.012. (and the beer smelled great…).

I think to this point I have been guilty of rushing things through the process to get it drinkable. My feeling on this one is to give it more time and strive for the best quality I can get. Since I have to travel again for work for the first few days of the week I would let it sit and measure again on Thursday AM and see what I get. I have been reading the Yeast book that my son gave me and it is very informative and has given me a much better appreciation for the work the yeast does, and can do if left alone long enough to finish.

I am close to the Brew smith estimate of FG: 1.011, but I am really curious to see if any more work will occur over the next 5 days or so. What do you guys think? No harm in giving it another week?

My pre-boil OG was 1.044, Beersmith estimated it would be 1.042.

Kegging? If so…keg on the dry hops before u leave and leave at room temp :grinning:

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Yes I am kegging, but based on all the "stuff I had at the bottom of my last keg from dry hopping in the secondary (no strainer bag), I was hoping to eliminate some of that this time. I was thinking of letting it sit in the primary a bit longer then transfer to the secondary and dry hop for a week using the stainer bag, then into the keg. If I keg it this weekend then I may stop the yeast from doing what work it could do if left as is… right? I don’t know I am just going by reading the yeast book etc. figured I would try to be more patient with this batch and see if there are some improvements to the test and look of the beer.

I do let the brew come to room temp after the major part of fermentation is done… It can sit there for a week, perhaps a little longer. I do enjoy using a spice ball with hops when I keg! Sometimes, when about half way done, release the pressure, open the top and throw in another one! The spice ball is the cheapest way to do this. Sneezles61

The spice ball is a good idea… I have to look for one. Not sure if they are big enough to hold all the hops I ned to add (2 oz total ).

Don’t fill them solid as they will expand and the middle won’t even get to the brew… I bought some at a fancy pants kitchen store… 3" stainless steel… 4 bucks a piece… There are purpose made ones, the cost a bit more but then you can put more in and have better contact… Sneezles61
PS Utah biodiesel has enough stuff to boggle your mind… just saying.

Thanks! I just bought (ordered on amazon) a jumbo stainless (5 " diameter by 3" deep). It should go in sideways I think. That may hold enough. So I guess I need to attach something like dental floss(?) to the chain and then attach the string/floss to the underside of the cover or pressure relief ?

How much slack do you give the string… enough to sit on the bottom I guess?

I never tied mine up… Let it sit on the bottom… Again, don’t stuff it full though… Sneezles61

Got it Thanks ! hopefully it keeps my beer a little clearer.

I use muslin bags and floss.

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1 gal paint strainer bags and marbles with unflavored dental floss.

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Great ideas! Marbles…I was going to ask if the bag eventually sinks or does it float. The marbles are a great idea.

I use muslin bags for dry hops; they will float if not weighted.

I got some glass beads for weights; they were sold for some sort of artsy-fartsy projects, they were cheap. They’re kinda squished, so they don’t roll away when you drop them like a marble would, which is nice.

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