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Kalamazoo Brewpubs

Going to be in Kalamazoo this weekend, wondered if any of you have advice on which places to hit. I’ve found four and wonder what you recommend: Bilbos Pizza, Kalamazoo Brewing (Bells), Kraftbrau, and Olde Peninsula. :cheers:

Id go to old penn!

Go to Bell’s. Good beer plus homebrew shop. Walk a couple blocks west to Shakespere’s (good bar). Then there’s the Beer Exchange–a great place to eat with fluctuating beer prices (like the stock exchange). I’ve never been to Bimbo’s but I think they might be more pizza than beer–I could be wrong.

Drive 20 minutes west on I-94 to the town of PawPaw for the PawPaw Brewery. Ask for Trevor to let you watch him brew.

Along the way to Kalamazoo are Dark Horse in Marshall and Arcadia in Battle Creek. Bells for sure they have tours also. See website.


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