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JZ's Oktoberfest

Hi Eveyone! I am planning on brewing JZ’s Oktoberfest recipe from Brewing Classic Styles this weekend. Instead of using WL820 (Oktoberfest) yeast, I am using WLP830. My question is, WLP830 gives a bit more attenuation bring my estimated FG from 1.015 to 1.011. Not huge but a little worried about drying the beer out a little too much. So, should I a) bump up the mash temp a bit maybe from 151 to say 154. b) Ferment at a lower temp like 47ish c) both d) don’t worry about it one way or another.


I’ve used this yeast for Ofests, I’d mash a little higher. Your 154F idea sounds perfect.

Thanks a bunch Tom. That was where I was leaning but needed a little confirmation. :slight_smile:

I should mention that I’ve never been totally satisfied with my Ofest attempts. Other people like it OK but its always been just a little fruity to my palate. I finally got my helles down so I should really try Ofest again. Will utilize pressurized fermentation this time around.

IMO JZ’z has too much caramunich so better attenuating yeast is important.

Good point. I would add that I think the 154F mash temp mentioned previously is way too high for the style and especially one with a fair dose of crystal malt. German lagers are best with a clean, dry finish IMO and mashing @ 148-150F seems like a better idea to me.

I know the style is supposed to be made with only base malt, but I’ve found a benefit to a little crystal in both it and hefeweizen. YOu might be right about a 154F mash, although I don’t think its going to be that big of a difference. Then again my MLT loses a little heat so my version of 154 is 154-150F.

I’ve brewed JZ’s Ofest recipe, as well. Didn’t care for it much. NB’s Ofest recipe (from their kit) is my favorite so far, having brewed three for four different Ofest recipies. ... erfest.pdf

Also, try WLP833 in the future. By far my favorite lager strain.

What about it do you find superior?

Mash at 152F and use WLP838. You will not be disappointed. I accidently pitched 838 instead of 830 and it turned out to be a fortunate mistake.

Thanks for all the feedback everyone!!

I already had the starter going with the WLP830, so I moving forward on that. Read through Designing Great Beers a bit to see what Ray Daniels had to say about the matter. In light of that and the feedback here I messed with the malt bill a bit. Going with a blend of Pils, Vienna, and Munich, I replaced half of the caramunich with carapils and added a little wheat malt. Going with a mash temp of 152.

[quote=“tom sawyer”]

What about it do you find superior?[/quote]

I just like the flavor better. It’s a bit maltier. I’d still use the 34/70 strain for a pilsner, though. 833 won’t get the beer dry enough.

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