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Just trying out my Innkeeper

Just enjoyed an Innkeeper Ale…as all have testified…its delish, but I can tell its green and needs time! It’s been in the bottle for 2 weeks thus far and I want to age it…will it be best to do so warm or in the fridge?

allow it to carbonate in the warmth…high on an open shelf or something; you may need to give it another week at least

Mine was kept cold in the keg and after about 6 weeks I started looking forward to having a liter of it every night.

Thanks for the feedback guys…this beer gets a minimum of an extra week! And, I like it so much I just ordered another kit! Cheers! :cheers:

Which yeast is the best for this recipe?

When it originally debuted as a limited addition kit WY1469 West Yorkshire was recommended. Now that it is a full time kit, and NB has their house yeast, WY1968 NeoBritannia listed for the kit.

Personnaly, now that WY1469 is year around, I would never use a different yeast for this kit.

Completely agree with the 1469 recommendation, but with a small caveat. I’ve never made it with anything else. Just cant imagine it would be any better with the Neo yeast.

I use the Nottingham dry yeast and it adds a fruity complexity to it. Right now I’ve got 1.5 batches in bottles, 1 keg and fermenting another. I think I love this beer. Also, it’s great for introducing friends and family (and neighbors and strangers) to homebrew!

I used the West Yorkshire yeast for a year in my bitters, very nice ale with decent attenuation for a British ale and it drops fast enough. Haven’t tried their NeoBrit yeast, I’m getting to know WLP002 Fullers now.

Very green at 2 weeks. At first taste I thought may not be drinkable. But at 6 weeks it’s a winner. All beers improve with age but a lesson learned on this brew. I will never judge a beer at 2 weeks. 4 weeks is good 6-8 weeks is better. A case is in a secret place waiting for Memorial day.

Normally I’m in the same boat, but we started tasting this one at the 1 week mark and it was delicious. Its gotten slightly better, but I really dont think its going to last more than a couple more weeks given the warm weather in Texas. Already ordered another batch.

We used the 1469 with it and fermented really cool (60ish), so that may be the difference

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