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Just thought id share

I may have gotten in over my head with brewing. Its very addicting so I thought id share what I will be doing this weekend.
I finally got my second CO2 bottle so I can finally use all 4 taps on the Kegerator.
I just brewed the White House Honey Ale this past weekend and this coming weekend I will be brewing three batches. They will be the White House Honey Porter, a Guinness Draught Clone, and a Troegs Mad Elf Ale Clone. Those 4 batches will be kegged.
I also have a Dunkelweizen, Amber Ale, and American Pale Wheat that I will brew sometime during the week to bottle.
So, 4 full Kegs and 6 cases of Beer!! Who wants to help me drink it all? Guess i’ll have to throw a party in Amarillo TX.

I’ve never had Mad Elf, but Amarillo is a little to far to drive for a tasting.

Hey, I’d make that drive!!

Google Mad Elf Ale, its about 11% abv, the highest ABV I have brewed. Someone at work talked me into it.

You probably could, you are right down the road.
You wouldnt think it, but craft and home brew has exploded here in Amarillo.
It seems like everyone is doing it!!

It’s good, nice bite. Not my typical cup of tea but an enjoyable brew. I live about 90 minutes from their brewery. Fortunately for me I am very close to Flying Dog. Oh and I am damned jealous of your setup. Not over your head in my opinion

Maybe im just over my head with the amount I want to brew in such a short amount of time.
But I cant complain, its one of the best hobbies I have.

I have finally gotten everything i needed to complete the Kegerator. I went a little overboard with 4 taps, a party tap, a D keg coupling, beer gun, and filter assembly. I am always looking to improve though. I just need to find a better way to control the temp. The thermocouple just hangs in there in the air so im thinking the beer isnt getting as cold as id like it to.
My taps were also getting stuck if they werent being used for a week. I broke a tap handle in half trying to free one, so I upgraded to chrome plated brass handles. They work great.

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