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Just started my first cider. I may have done it wrong

I’m looking for a little advice. I started my first cider last night.
I used :
5 gallons of cloudy fresh pressed apple cider (uv treated)
1 lb organic light brown sugar
Red Star Montrachet yeast
Yeast nutrient

I just added the sugar, yeast and nutrient to the carboy. A moment later, I realized I hadn’t taken a gravity reading. I shook the carboy and poured a little into my hydrometer test tube. The to ingredients is, the sugar won’t have been dissolved yet, so the reading can’t be accurate.

My question is, will the sugar dissolve and be food for the yeast? Will it work?
Also, without a correct OG reading (I got 0.055 without the sugar dissolve properly and at 40 degree)
Is there a way to figure out an idea of the final abv?
Lastly, is there something I can do at this point to make sure it all goes well?

I intend on leaving it I primary for a few weeks then either dry hopping or dry spicing? with ginger.

Thanks for any input or advice you may have!


One pound of sugar adds ~ 0.046 points per gallon. You can divide that number by 5 to get 0.009 points added to your cider. Most fresh apple cider is around 1.040 give or take 5 points, so your gravity reading was most likely pretty accurate.

Sugar does’t need to be dissolved for the yeast to eat it. Your cider should turn out just fine.

Thank you so much!

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