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Just saw the episode on graff

I had this idea for a brew a few weeks now and i just saw the episode on graff, basically it’s a blend of mead, cider and beer, the idea is to make each of them separately and then blend.
The beer is a simple one 50/50 maris otter and vienna malt boiled for 3 hours for good caramelization with OG of about 1.090 hopped at 30 min. to 90 ibu’s with Northern brewer, make 8 liters of it and let it ferment with medium attenuating english yeast like fermentis S-04 dry yeast.
For the cider use a fresh squeezed apple cider, starting OG of say 1.070 ferment it with white wine yeast, Lalvin DV10 also 8 liters.
As for the mead any honey is ok as long it’s assertive enough, with character, OG of about 1.070 ferment it with champagne yeast, also 8 liters.
When they all fermented out blend them in a secondary carboy, there is another twist here, pour inside a bottle of Pomegranate Port Style Wine(yes such thing do exist, at least here) and a small bottle of lambic beer or wild yeast insted and some french oak and let it sit together for 4-6 months or so.
Anyone done something like that? what do you think? would work out? too crazy? it should be quite tart and dry and a little funky with a little malty caramel sweetness underneath

sounds interesting enough. I’ll have to check out that episode later today.

Don’t see why you would ferment them all separately unless you’re using a yeast that can’t handle the higher ABV. I would just combine the beer and apple cider for the primary, then add the honey once fermentation settles down.

Sounds like there might be too much going on. Just the basic three would be enough to give a complex flavor.

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