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Just ordered the Bourbon Barrel Porter kit

(This is the small batch kit)

After reading all about the overflow issues, I got one of those 2 gal buckets to use as a fermenter with this recipe. Can I just use the regular air lock with that, or should I still use a blowoff tube?

Also, I saw some comments on timing, secondary fermenters, etc. The recipe that I saw didn’t indicate a secondary fermenting stage, and I only have been doing single stage. Do I need to go 2-stage with this recipe? Does it take longer than 3 weeks in the fermenter (the recipe didn’t indicate that but some posts on here seemed to).

Thanks in advance, I have a million questions lol…

The need for a secondary is proportional to the batch size. Huge commercial batches need to get off the cake. For 5-gal batches, the time at which the risk of autolysis outweighs the risk of oxygenation gets debated, but if I read the forum consensus right, seems to be at several months.

For a 1-gal batch in a 2-gal pail, I would expect to NOT need a blow-off (that’s kinda the point of getting the 2-gal pail, right?) I would also not bother with a secondary. As for how long to leave it in the fermenter; consider the times in the recipe a “recommended minimum” feel free to go a bit longer.

(Edit: I originally missed that red “not” which completely messed-up my meaning)

I did the 1 gal. batch as well. You shouldn’t need a blow-off hose with a 2 gal. bucket.

I did use a secondary (1 gal. carboy); added the oak cubes/bourbon and racked on top of this and gave it a week before I bottled.

Thanks for the info everyone.

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