Just moved to Rhode Island from Hawaii

Hello. I just moved from Honolulu to Portsmouth, RI. Any RI locals on here?

I was going to ask you if you lost a bet but then I saw your occupation. I’m in North Providence. :cheers:

Damn, that’s a LONG move. Whatever did you make that move for?

The Navy made him.

The Navy made him.[/quote]
That makes sense. I was in VA Beach last week for vacation. Those Navy fighter jets fly over the beach every day, damn they’re loud, but they really move it. Pretty cool. OP, do you fly those suckers?

I am in Tiverton. I don’t use this site much, I use Homebrew Brew Talk mostly.


No, not a pilot. I’m a surface ship guy.

Did you beg them to let you stay? Been to Hawaii once. Had I known how much I would love it and want to move there I might have joined the military just to establish something there!

Anyway, thanks for your service DaveGY. :cheers:

Three years was long enough for me. Besides, Newport, RI is a pretty cool little town. Bring on the snow!

Man, we had enough snow last year for two seasons. Maybe we can take this winter off. It’s only a few hours drive to Vermont, plenty of snow and great scenery to go with it. :wink: