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Just got my rhizomes!

So I just received my rhizomes. Centennial, chinook, and willamette. I was thinking about using a planter for them as the only area available for planting in my back yard only gets sun about half the day. Any suggestions ???

Cheers and thanks in advance.

You’ll need to make a REAAAAALY big planter, I had my first years (1 rhizome) in half a wine barrel and it went rootbound. I live in the redwoods and don’t get much sun either. I’d say you’re better with a bit less sun and plenty of dirt to grow in.

How big is the planter? You’d probably want to transfer them at a later time size depending…

So you’re saying that even if it’s only getting direct sunlight in the morning hours it would be ok??

I don’t have the planter yet, I was thinking about one that about 2’ x 10’ and putting sone rolling casters on it. That way I could keep it in the sun.

I only have 3-4 hours of direct sun and mine did fine. I’m not saying they couldn’t benefit from more, but if they don’t have enough room to grow the extra sun does no good.

if you did a planter I would go 12x4x4, that way each rhizome can be 2 ft from the edge with 4 ft between each.


that way each will have 4 ft in every direction to grow.

I’m not much of an expert on this subject seeing as I only have two hop plants in my yard and ones only been there for a week but if you are planting four different variates in such a small space wouldn’t it be pretty difficult to keep them separate? What are you’re plans for trellising?

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