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Just given 18oz of hops, now what? Recipe help


I was just given 18 oz of fresh off the vine hops from a friend. I’m newer to brewing so this is my first time with fresh v/s pelleted. Anyone have a good extract recipe that these would work with?

hop variety? You need a lot of hops (and a lot of wort, as the hops will absorb) for a fresh hop ale.

Oops, Cascade.

I don’t have any recipes of my own, nor have I ever brewed one, but have definitely really enjoyed a few fresh hop ales. I would google up some recipes (BYO, AHA would probably have some good ones), but I would think the malt/fermentables could be pretty simple and result in a solid beer. Maybe 90% pale LME with some munich and light crystal to steep. I’ve become more of a fan of using a relatively clean British ale yeast in American hop forward beers (like London III or Conan/Vermont Ale).

I would think, since I’m assuming these hops have not been tested for acid/compound levels, that you would want to use a neutral pellet or hop extract to bitter @ 60 minutes, then add the fresh hops at flameout/dry hop.

I’ve got a great pale ale recipe for you, provided you can steep some cracked grain first.

5.5 lbs light LME
1/2 lb Cara-Pils
1/2 lb Crystal 40

Use all fresh cascade hops:

2.5 oz FW
7.5 oz 60 min
2.5 oz 15 min
2.5 oz Flame out
3 oz Dry

Use US-05, 1054, or any other American ale yeast.

You can use the same recipe with pellets, just divide the hop weight by 5.

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