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Just finished my brew, yeast question

Hello everyone. I just brewed a variation of the chinook IPA recipe and i think i may have screwed up my yeast. i used the wyeast 1056 american ale and i have used it every other time i have brewed. each time it seemed to go fine. i bought mine this morning and activated it by smacking it around 10:30. fast forward to now, 5:00 and it isnt as puffed up as it normally is after sitting around all night. is that ok? also, there is a litte blue pouch on the inside of the wyeast containter that isnt broken. is it supposed to be. i have never noticed it before when pitching my yeast. this is only my 4th brew so im still a total newbie. does this sound normal or did i screw up my yeast? thanks for helping out a new homebrewer. i really appreciate it.

The little packet inside the pouch is a little bit of wort. When you smack it, the yeast make alcohol and CO2, causing the pouch to puff up and showing you the yeast is alive.

Failing to break the pouch doesn’t hurt the yeast. Just that your pouch will not expand.


thanks. you’re right. i do need to relax. with a beer. i figured it was nothing, but, still. thanks.

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