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Just brewed Tombstone Pale all grain

Just finished the Tombstone Pale Ale all grain. I did it biab style which was nice. Unfortunately I ended up with about 5.3 gallons so my sg is a touch low. About 1.02 instead of 1.08. Not too worried but hopefully its still a tasty brew. Looking forward to the finished product because the extract version is my favorite extract so far. Patience… :slight_smile:

Hmm… you sure about that gravity reading? 1.020 is awfully low… that’s the difference between an 8% beer and a 2% beer…

Good call. I just checked again and my initial reading on my refractometer shows 12 brix. So that should actually be about 1.0484. Need to recalibrate one of my refractometers I guess…

Should can add DME to bring it up if you want

Im not too worried about it. Think the abv will be really low? Typically I think this recipe is about 6%

Ah… just looked it up. Your target OG is 1.057, so that’s closer. If the target really was 1.08, I’d be concerned. I’m usually pretty happy getting within .005 of my target. Your not much farther off. Good job on your first all grain! Once you dial in your system, it sounds like you’ll be in good shape.

Thanks! I think I just started with too much water. Ill dial it back a bit next time and go from there.

I check my boil off rate every 15 min so I can lower or increase the boil to boil off more liquid. Also I shoot low on my mash and sparge water it’s easier to add more water if your high on the OG . Just some tricks that I use.

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Ah good info. I think I ended up with too much water because I had to add some cool water to keep my mash temp in the proper range. Maybe boil longer next time if that happens again?

And what is the proper range? Sneezles61

This recipe stated that it should mash for an hour at 156 degrees. Then mash out for 10 minutes at 166

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