Just Brewed My First All Grain

…and am glad I gave it a try. I really enjoyed the process and am already planning my next brew day! I brewed a recipe I found for a Sculpin clone, and plan on adding some grapefruit zest to the secondary a few days before bottling. It was a good learning experience seeing where the mask temp ends up after the grain is added to the water at the strike temp (I ended up a couple of degrees short of where I planned and adjusted the temp with a hot water addition). Also got a better idea of how much wort loss the new brew kettle looses during the boil. Based on my calculations I hit a 69% efficiency, which I was happy with but is something I want to get a little higher.

Any suggestions on my planned approach to adding the grapefruit zest would be much appreciated.

Cheers! I also brewed my first all grain beer yesterday. It was certainly fun, and a great learning experience. I think I did it all correctly :lol:

As for the grapefruit zest, you may want to make a tincture with some vodka. Letting the zest soak in the vodka will extract flavors from the zest. This also ensures sanitation of the zest. :cheers:

Anytime you are within half a gallon and five points, it’s a success. My batch this weekend was thirteen points shy… Gotta figure that out.

I would not worry about a couple of degrees off. I find that if even after stirring you can find four different temps in the mash in different spots, just go with an average :smiley:

Efficiency wise. 69% is not that bad. Base malt is cheap, just add more if you can not improve it some. After a few batches you will start to know your system better and correct any problems. One of the biggest ones I have had was figuring the strike temp with a new system. You can try to calculate all you want but just knowing how much you missed by the last time makes for an easy fix. Something like “gee I was a couple of degrees to low so next time I will raise the strike temp a couple”. It also helps to have the grain at room temps before mashing in. I goofed once by crushing the grain the day before then leaving in in the cold garage I brew in overnight. Never gave a thought to how much it would drop the temp. Like you I just heated the mash up with hot water but have a SS mash lauter tun and can also heat with a low flame and stirring to prevent scorching the mash.

Before you know it you will be able to do AG blindfolded.

Thank you all for the helpfull comments and advice, it is much appreciated.

I am planning on another brew day in a couple of weeks. I am thinking something similar to Flower Power IPA.