Just because

Just finished brewing a pale ale to check out the flavor of some Ahtanum hops that I had lying around and have something kinda sessionable. Whaddaya guys think it’ll taste like?

5.5 gallons
6.5 gallon boil

6 lbs. Briess light LME
1 lb. organic 2-row
.5 lbs. munich
.5 lbs. crystal 80

FWH .25 oz. Summit
25 mins. .5 oz Ahtanum
20 mins. .5 oz. Ahtanum
10 mins. .5 oz. Ahtanum
5 mins. .5 oz. Ahtanum
5 mins. .5 oz. Summit
FO 1 oz. Ahtanum
FO .5 oz. Summit

magnesium sulfate

WLP 007

Crash chilling right now. Don’t know the gravity yet, but it’s projected somewhere around if I remember right.

Gravity is 1.048. Yeast is pitched. Temp is at 62*F. :mrgreen:

I’m going out on a limb and guessing it will taste like a hoppy pale ale! Never used those hops but everything looks good enough to me. Will probably be pretty tasty, provided you end up liking that variety.

From what I’ve read Ahtanum is a much smoother, more subtle version of Cascade. It’s had great reviews, and I couldn’t find anything on anyone doing a SMASH with it (and I personally can’t bring myself to SMASH so this is the closest I could come). It’s up to the beer gods now. I’ll sacrifice several pints to Ninkasi via my belly tonight.

Used them in a hoppy pale wheat last summer. Kinda Amarillo like and it tasted awesome.