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Just an introduction

First post from a newb. I started brewing about 3 months ago with exclusively dealing with meads. I just started my 5th recipe and first bottling (a little sediment cause I got ancy). My recipes are as follows:

First was a show mead. A simple yet nicely finished mead. Just a bit cloudy from the sediment. I may actually rebottle just to ensure its clear.

Second was a nice blue/blackberry melomel that is close to bottling but a bit dryer than my preferences.

I just racked a banana batch.

Started a “lemonade” last weekend.

And finally did the “burnt” recipe this morning. Note to all - if you are burning 1 gallon make sure you have it in at least a 5 gallon container. It ended up growing to about the 4 gallon line while boiling. Did this with some nice naval oranges, cinnamon sticks, vanilla bean and some brown sugar. We will see. It smelled fabulous!!!

I look forward to learning a ton from others and getting help with other winter projects as well( looking at fruit brandies and starting a few actual wines as well)

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