Just a quick question on carbonation

I have a question on a batch of caribou slobber I just bottled. This was my first kit and all went well, but have a question on carbonation. I bottled this batch 28 days after brew date and sat at a constant 69 deg , I did not get the OG (noob mistake) but did get the FG 1.014 and no air lock activity for was seemed like 2 weeks. I used 5oz supplied priming sugar at bottling. I bottled them 24 hrs ago.

My question is how long before getting good carbonation? I’m going to leave them a month, but while bottling I filled a 12 oz plastic spring water bottle and that thing is now hard as a rock, I actualy bagged it in a freezer bag incase it let’s go…

Is it normal for it to carbonate this fast? Is the rock hard water bottle any indication of having a problem with over carbonation?

Or am I just over thinking things.

Conditioning at a solid 69-70 deg room temp.


When filling the water bottle, did you squeeze the excess air out before capping?
Granted, they will start carbonating immediately, but 24 hours is wicked quick to full carbonation, unless you’ve got them at 80-90 * or something like that. Generally it takes a minimum of 1 week at 70* and usually more like 2-3 weeks. So, I’m guessing you didn’t leave much free space for the CO2 to fill.
Otherwise, everything you report looks good.(OK maybe the 69* fermentation is a little high, but eh it’ll be OK).Well done!


Thank you for the reply.

I did not squeeze out the excess air when putting the cap on. I did leave a lot of head space due to it was the “bottom of the barrel” and came up a sip short of filling the bottle.

I did crack the cap and squeeze the air out, I was afrade it was going to burst. Cracked the cap and got about 3/4 inch of head on the top… Boy it did smell good. I just hope the bottles are ok. This all just may be normal.

Thanks for the help. :cheers:


I think it’s normal, and you’re just fine.
I haven’t done the Caribou in about a year, but I have a couple bottles left and D**n it’s good. Last week I did NBs ‘John Palmer’s Elevenes’. Tasted my 1st SG sample today, and WOW it’s good even at this stage. This one is going to be hard to wait on.

The caribou slobber was my first one, I also have a NB cream ale batch going. I crushed the water bottle with the slobber in it before putting the cap on, it’s back solid as a rock. Not going to worry about it… I did put both cases in plastic tubs because they are in my kitchen and that’s 1mess I don’t want to deal with.


You’re over thinking things my friend. Your beer will be just fine with 5 ounces of priming sugar. If your bottles are conditioning at any temperature near 70 degrees or higher, they carb up pretty fast. Just make sure you mix your beer and priming sugar in the bottling bucket (slowly kind of swirl it so you don’t oxygenate it) as opposed to racking the beer on top of it like they try to tell you to do in the directions. I’ve had a couple of batches in the past where some bottles were highly carbed and some were under carbed due to the priming sugar not being evenly mixed at bottling.


My caribou test plastic bottle is always hard as a rock overnight
all will be fine

after about a week I open the test bottle and drink it,

you got some good beer coming

[quote=“Ekffazr”]after about a week I open the test bottle and drink it,

you got some good beer coming
:cheers: [/quote]

What he said!!!

Thanks, I’m no longer worried… Looking forward to cracking the First one. Boy is a long wait…