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Just a fun brew day

Saturday, my SIL wanted to brew so I put together a quick recipe for a 10G batch of beer. 17lbs 2 row, 2lbs corn meal and 3 cans of cream style corn(15oz) plus a gallon or so of water. I did a cereal mash of 2lbs 2 row and the adjuncts. I mixed the cereal mash on the stove and slowly raised the temp to 154’. When it hit 154’, I placed the lid on it and put it aside. My SIL was heating the water for the beer while I was doing this. When the strike water was at temp, we blended the 2 row and the adjuncts together in his cube style mash tun. His tun has a small loop of braided hose that has worked pretty good on previous batches. Everything was doing fine, we mashed in at 152’ and left it alone for a hour, stirring once in awhile (we are batch spargers). After we vorlaufed a gallon or so the wort was clear enough to drop.

We opened the valve and the wort slowed down to a dribble. We mixed up the mash again and added 1lb or so of rice hulls, vorlaufed and we had the same result. I went home and grabbed my rectangular mash tun. My tun has 2 copper headers with 4 braided hoses. So we dumped everything into my tun and we did the same vorlaufing. Again, the wort was coming out at a small dribble. It took over 5 minutes to fill our pail at the 1 gallon marker. We just laughed because at least the tun was draining. It took some time to fill the boil kettle. As a side note, we FWH with 1 oz Sterling hop pellets, 1 oz Sterling at 40 and 1 oz Sterling at 15 minutes. 12g in the fermenter with a 1.054 starting gravity.

I looked over at his handed written make sheet and he wrote," Don’t make this again " for the name of his beer. I fell over laughing. Next time we’ll use a nylon sock with the adjuncts. It really wasn’t a bad day because his friends were there drinking beer and watching college basketball.

After all, it was just fun brew day.

Had this same issue with corn meal in a mash. I think you need to heat it hotter than mash temps to get it gelatinized properly. I’ve done the cereal mash closer to 175F and it worked fine. When we had our trouble, we spent six hours running things off. That’s normally how long it takes us to do the entire 15gal process. Sounds like you all took it in stride though.

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