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Jumper Cable

I’ve read a few posts on this, but wanted some advice on my specific situation. I racked an APA to the keg straight from the primary. So far, after several glasses, my beer is way cloudy and tastes yeasty. I have an open keg and was thinking about transfering the APA into it with a jumper cable. Here are my options, and thanks in advance for your input.

  1. Jump it from one keg to another. I would have to use 5ft. beer line because that’s all I have.

  2. Tap a growler or two full until it runs clear. I’m not sure how this will work though because I don’t know how I wold do this without getting all the foam.

  3. Just keep drinking it glass by glass until it clears.

Any input would be appreciated!!

What I am guessing happened in your case is the beer may have been carbed before a solid yeast cake was built and the CO2 is keeping the yeast partially in suspension. If this was the case you may have trouble dropping bright without the aid of gelatin or just give it time in the cold and see how it goes.
Whereas typically if transferred to keg from primary and left for 2 days to a week in the cold the yeast will rapidly floc out and form a tight, pat cake on the bottom and then after letting drop bright and carbed. You can usually draft 1-3 pints and the rest of the keg will be pouring clear.

I wouldn’t mess around with jumping a keg, so much cleaning and yada for minimal gain. I would drink as is before having to monkey with all that shiz IMHO.

I would also just draft a few more and see if its doesn’t run clear naturally.

Remember that the keg pulls from the bottom, so even if the trub settled to the bottom, you would still be pulling it up for the length of time it was there.

Assuming you didn’t take a lot of trub out of primary, I would try after its been sitting cold for a couple days, pull a pitcher from the keg and see if it runs clear. Give that pitcher to your friends.

Once the trub is gone you should be fine. as long as you don’t knock it around.

All is well. I did pull a couple pints last night and, to my surprise, they were great! It was bright and clear with big hop flavor and aroma, and no yeasty flavor or aroma. Guess I wasn’t patient enough. Thanks for the advice though. I think it prob did carb before it settled. Things I will remember in the future.

“Give that pitcher to your friends.”


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