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Hello everyone, I first wanted to say hello. This looks like a great forum, and I hope I can learn a lot! I am very new (like virgin new), and had a couple of questions. I want to try my hand at hard cider, and have a place that has great juice. The question I have, has anyone, or is it possible to freeze the gallons of juice for fermenting another day? Would this cause any problems with the final product? I appreciate any responses, and thank you!

Hi Ohio-boy, welcome to the forum!

I’ve never froze cider myself, so I asked the googlemachine and found this:

The short answer is “yes,” you can freeze cider. Be sure to have headroom in the containers for expansion (I would allow about a quart of space in a gallon just to be safe). Supposedly you might see some sediment after you thaw it but not enough to hurt the quality, and of course after fermentation the sediment should clear to the bottom anyway.

I hope that helps!

Yes it does. Thanks again…

Cider freezes great. The kids freeze cider ice cubes and make cider snowcones in a little snowcone maker.

Yep, no problems freezing.
I have a buddy that brings me a few gallons of Kingston Black from the NE every year and its always frozen.

Thanks to all… :cheers:

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