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JSP Malt Mill Question

Does the Model A have gears on one end and is adjustable on the other end?

Do the Models AA or P have gears on either end?

(I know their website makes you add the gear drive option to your cart for Model A only, but thought I’d try and confirm it.)

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Great info. Thanks buddy!


Where’d you find this info?


Oh I see it’s at the top of the page.


I was always looking towards the bottom for some reason.


You have to order the Model A with gears or buy them separate and install yourself.

It’s the only one you can get with a gear drive and it is adjustable on one end.

This is the one I have.

I have the Model P which is non-adjustable and no gears. FWIW, I have never had the need to adjust it. When I use wheat or rye, I do run it through twice.

My mill is a workhorse and it never gives up. My typical grain bills are 50-75 pounds.

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