Jolly Pumpkin

Has anyone out there had success culturing Jolly Pumpkin yeast and bugs form the bottle?

Yes, from the La Roja. (Only one I’ve tried, can’t get it in Texas AFAIK.)

Awesome… I have Oro de Calebaza and a brown ale (I forget the name). Both bottles are about a year old, so I figure even in the Oro, which is pretty strong, there should still be something living.

Yes, with Bam biere and calabaza blanca. When the bottles are fresh, they are REALLY potent bugs. But at least around here, old bottles of Jolly Pumpkin sit on the shelves for a long time. I just got 2 bottles that are really old last week… batch # was in the 200s they taste great at that age, but if i wanted to use it for yeast/bacteria cultivation, I’d find the freshest batch I could.

I dumped some dregs from La Roja into a six month old Flanders Red that I deemed was not souring fast enough (note: like I know what I’m talking about, this is my first sour). They started chewing away within the first week and I noticed some period bubbles from the airlock that weren’t there before.

I also did Bam biere into a saison and its been right around 3 years now in the fermenter and its fantastic. Just need to figure out what I want to bottle it in.

This is awesome… I have a small starter going from the Calebaza. But I’m also on the look out for Bam Bier or la Roja. If I find them, I’ll just dump the dregs in… cheers

Jolly Pumpkin is pretty open about using White Labs 550 as their sac yeast. Rather than trying to culture the entire yeast/bug mix, you may want to just use 550 for primary fermentation, then use dregs (or culture up the dregs) for the other bugs.

Weird Last I knew the ceiling opened up and they relied on the night sky to ferment their beer. Not sure if I agree with what you are saying.